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  1. David Duthie
    David Duthie says:

    In a rural property, we had an unsightly concrete top of a disused septic tank at the top of gently sloping ground and were constantly having to ask visitors to move cars so that we could get our own cars past. We had been quoted £3000 for a retaining wall. The Gabion UK site and a couple of emails gave information about draining and preparing the site and all the available gabion sizes. 3 by 525 x 525 x 2100 mm gabions in an L shape on a base of type 1 gravel and dust formed the downhill wall. The gabions were filled with stones and rubble buried below the soil surface by a previous owner on land being brought back in to food production. Wire connected the legs of the ‘L’ to form a triangle below the surface. The hardcore for infill came from demolition work being done for an extension to the house. This was used to fill the old septic tank too. When the site was level to the height of the drive above the septic tank surface, a whacker compacted the stones and dust, and one bulk bag of 20 mm gravel covered everything, giving a uniform appearance. The downhill side of the gabions is mostly covered by soil and planted up. Only the corner of the ‘L’ is visible and the outside wall of this has a ‘wall’ of reclaimed bricks on its outside, with random rubble and rocks filling the gabions behind. The gabion surface has been filled with 20 – 50 mm stones dropped through the mesh. The end result is practical, giving 2 level parking spaces, has a great appearance for a car port, has provided somewhere to lose stones and rubble. The whole project cost less than a 1/3 of the quotation for only a retaining wall. Very pleased with the result and the assistance provided by Gabion1.
    * top tip: get as many of the helical corner connections in before filling the gabions, especially if it’s a join with 3 contributions to the edge.

  2. Jane H
    Jane H says:

    We researched various gabion suppliers and realised that there was more to buying gabions than we first thought! Quality of the steel, whether it would rust or not, it’s thickness, ensuring they didn’t bow out too much, having the spiral connectors ,,. and then finding the correct sizes we required. All these factors were catered for with Gabion1. Website is user friendly with helpful tips and photos too. Our project was to enlarge our patio area and didn’t want sleepers everywhere. So we used gabions down the sides to help form flower beds behind and then sleeper steps up to the next level. The quality of the gabions and ease of putting them together made them perfect and the effect is amazing. All our neighbours have commented on how great they are and our garden has been transformed. The soil we dug out in order to enlarge the patio (all 25 tons!) actually contained 100s and 100s of pebbles of all sizes, so we picked them all out from each barrow load of soil and washed them. These then have filled our gabions (with old house bricks and breeze blocks in the very middle of each one). We still have so many pebbles left so we may now order and install a few more gabions for the top part of the garden – but that’s another project for next year! When that happens though we will definitely be re-ordering from Gabion1.

  3. Kevin West
    Kevin West says:

    This was my first project with Gabion walls and so I wasn’t too sure on how to get started. David was very helpful and provided great advice throughout prior to placing the order to ensure everything was spot on. The products arrived promptly and well packaged with all the required fixing helical’s.

    Once I got the hang of erecting the baskets the installation wasn’t too hard. I decided to add some cross bracing wire to each basket in three locations and this helped with preventing bulging when inserting the fill.

  4. Thomas Grimer
    Thomas Grimer says:

    I found Gabion1’s site easy to navigate with a clear, up-front pricing structure which was very useful. The site is also full of detailed information – you have to dig around a bit to find it, but it answers most of the questions you will inevitably have when starting a project. David was also rapid to respond with shipping quotes and info. I would recommend Gabion1 as a reliable and reputable store.

    Specifically on the products: these arrived well packed and were of good quality. The helical’s work very well, and if you keep the baskets square are very easy to twist into place. My advise is to prepare your install area well and to consider the empty flexible cage like an enormous brick. I had to empty and re-fill my first attempt as I was a little sloppy at preparation stage and it sat at an angle. Lastly – if you are buying fill specifically for your gabions and have the option – you are much better off getting larger ‘square’ style bolder/rock at least for all external sides. I filled one gabion in a visible area with reclaimed brick and inffilled with random rocks – it looks great and is solid. For the others (which were much larger and hidden) I used a mixed lot of hardcore I had on site. This was far more difficult and laborious to fill and maintain a uniform look. Never-the-less they still do the job.

  5. Andrea Peters
    Andrea Peters says:

    We needed to build a terraced area in our garden in order to put the kids trampoline on. Gabion1 were great they gave us advice on the ground preparations. The gabions turned up really quickly and it was so easy to put together. I would highly recommend this product.

  6. Ken Timms
    Ken Timms says:

    Efficient and helpful ordering, quick delivery, good YouTube demonstrations for assembly. We ordered fairly small section – 300 mm x 300 mm – gabions, to help reduce our garden being undercut by a small stream when we have downpours and it becomes a smelly torrent. The small section meant the helicals could slip out until under a bit of strain from having rubble/stones inside, but other than that, good kit that has made a difference during the recent storms. It was a relief to find a UK supplier that knew what it was doing, with a web-site that wasn’t loaded with dodgy malware.

  7. Les Dunster
    Les Dunster says:

    We laid a patio this year incorporating some Gabion baskets and stones. We chose Gabion 1 as the company to provide the baskets and advice and they were brilliant. Friendly, understanding, great advice, competitive on price, superb quality, what more do I need to say.

    No hesitation in recommending this company for your Gabion needs.

    Oh and we are very pleased with the results we have achieved.

  8. Gunvor Gapp
    Gunvor Gapp says:

    Thank you to Gabion1 for great service, useful advise, every thing arrived quick and in good order, was easy to assemble, and now look great as an end wall in our pond. Thanks again. G.

  9. Katayoun
    Katayoun says:

    We had an unusual idea to combine a low gabion wall with a willow woven soil retaining raised bed. The main idea had been to recycle old broken bricks and flint, dug out of the garden these last few years. Gabion1.co.uk were very helpful and competitively priced. We are happy to state that it worked.

  10. Sophie Rutter
    Sophie Rutter says:

    We have been really pleased with Gabion1, the service has been excellent and the product is really good quality and easy to put together. The new wall looks better than expected and by using the gabions they really make a wooden fence into a great entrance. Thanks again.

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